Who are we? What is our true nature?

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This is a question asked by everyone who is able to think.

The answer to this question is available to every seeker as we find something only when we seek. Of course, the results commensurate with the attitude and efforts of the seeker. Following is the answer I got while seeking an answer to this fundamental question of life for more than a decade.

The simple answer is that we are a soul. However, this will not satisfy us as we need to know what this soul is. So, the answer will be complete only when we discover about the soul.

A soul is the smallest individualized portion of God (the power and presence that is the cause and origin of everything) and a co-creator with It. It is an individualized complex of consciousness or a quantum field of consciousness, a ‘soul’ with the idea of separate existence. 

A pictorial representation of a soul, depicting its constitution, is given below:

Soul is basically a web of energy fields or complexes – having three fundamental hierarchical complexes namely the light body, mind, and spirit, as detailed below:

  1. Light body is the metaphysical body of the soul, consisting of seven layers called rays, each corresponding to one of the seven densities or vibrations or frequencies of creation. These rays are light which is in constant vibration and trying to keep its optimum balance while incorporating the impressions or messages it is continuously receiving from/through the mind. Its vibration mirrors or reflects the activity of the mind and each ray has its manner of perception and represents specific feelings according to the nature and state of the mind it has been linked to. These rays seat the principle/energy of five sense organs (vision, hearing, smell, touch, and taste), five organs of actions (mouth, feet, hands, the organ of excretion, and organ of procreation), five objects of senses (taste, touch, sight, sound, and smell), mind and spirit.

While incarnated in a chemical/physical body, each ray is associated with one of the seven nerve centers (nerve plexus) that are linked to certain endocrine gland(s) which manages certain organs/parts and/or functions of the physical body. Each ray interacts with the physical body through the nervous system. All our physical experiences are caused by and experienced at the level of one of these rays (with the help of mind) which then gets transmitted to the physical body and vice versa.

2. Mind is that energy complex of the soul which connects the light body complex with the spirit complex and makes the soul work as a functional unit. It is the tool of communication and perception with which we can communicate, feel, think, remember, imagine, dream, seek, learn, understand, and also experience intuition and awareness. The mind has two levels called conscious and subconscious (this division appears only when the soul incarnates in a physical body), each with multiple sublevels connected to each ray of the light body and the spirit. The conscious mind handles current information and helps us to think rationally or logically and focus, whereas the subconscious mind handles past information (experience and knowledge accumulated over the entire period of the existence of the soul) and guides us based on that information. While in a physical body, all the voluntary activities are handled by the conscious mind, and the involuntary activities are handled by the subconscious mind. 

The mind is the center of every activity of our life and the mind waves can be directed, focused, or changed with each conscious or unconscious thought. While experiencing human life in a physical body, the majority of the activities of our mind happen subconsciously.

3. Spirit consists of the purest or least distorted portion of the intelligent energy of the Creator and is considered as the co-creator within the individual soul. It is also known as the inner light and it resides within the Indigo Ray. This energy complex acts as a channel between the individual soul and the Super soul (Creator) and keeps the individual soul focused on the ultimate purpose of life. When the body and mind complexes do specific tasks for the existence and experience of the soul as an individual being, the spirit is the experiencer who remains unaffected by its surroundings and simply expresses the nature of the creator. 

Soul’s evolution in one major cycle is broadly classified into seven densities or dimensions or stages or realms or lokas or worlds, each of which corresponds to a unique level of vibrational frequency and awareness. The seven stages of evolution are:

1) Simple awareness
2) Growing awareness
3) Self-awareness
4) Love
5) Wisdom
6) Balance
7) Unity or Oneness

We, as human beings, are the soul or photon – the fundamental particle – that after billions of years of evolution, has developed both in quantum and quality, and has reached the stage of a human being.  Every soul that has reached the level of third density has the capacity to discover its true nature and oneness with the Creator in an ascending order. This self-discovery is popularly known as ‘self-knowledge’ or ‘self-awakening’ or ‘self-realization’. When we understand our ‘self’ we can understand other ‘selves’ (everything else) too because All is One.

If you are interested to know more about this, please read the book Spiritual Theory of Everything.

All the Best.

Thomas Vazhakunnathu