As You Sow So Shall You Reap

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Law of Action or Karma

The universe is governed by Natural Laws which are the natural tendencies or principles of life or creation. Some of the fundamental natural tendencies are Vibration, Attraction, Repulsion, Polarity, Action, and Evolution. These principles apply to both physical and metaphysical worlds and operate at every level of creation, from a photon to galaxies.

The Law of ‘Action’ or ‘Cause and Effect’ or ‘Karma’ is the natural tendency of creation which restores or regains the balance or rhythm or harmony of the creation whenever it is distorted. ‘Karma’ is a Sanskrit word that means ‘Action’ but generally used in place of ‘fate’ or ‘destiny’ or ‘give and take account’.  As per this principle, for every action, be it benign or malignant, creative or destructive, there is an equal return or reaction. This principle ensures that ‘as you do is done unto you’ or ‘as you sow so shall you reap’. Through the mechanism of the Law of Karma, the soul is purified and evolves continuously, until it finally merges with the Universal Creator.

As with every natural law, this is an impersonal law that works everywhere and all the time. All great masters were aware of this law and hence they taught to ‘do unto others as you would have them do unto you’. Newton’s third law of motion states that ‘for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction’ which explains the operation of this principle as far as the physical world is concerned. The Law of Action maintains the justice and order of the universe by giving a commensurate return for every action. 

The Mechanism of this Law

At the fundamental level, everything is soul/photon which is a web of energy complexes. The mechanism of the Law of Action is that, every action whether a thought, word, or deed causes a certain change in the quantum and nature of the energy complexes of the soul. These changes also get recorded or stored as a memory in the soul, which ensures that at some point in time, a similar quantum and vibration of energy flows back to the user via another soul or circumstance.

This mechanism ensures that in every action the soul earns and later receives an equal return of peace and happiness or pain and suffering.  Every positive thought or deed generates a ‘merit’ or a ‘blessing’ while every negative thought or deed generates a ‘demerit’ or a ‘curse’. Whenever one does a good deed, it is bound to give a positive return and whenever one does an evil deed, it is bound to give a negative return. Each time we forgive and love those who create trouble for us or inflict pain on us, we are using the energy positively that ensures a similar positive return to us. Similarly, each time we hate, inflict pain on others or seek retribution on those who persecute us, each time we punish and refuse to forgive, we are using the energy negatively that gives a similar negative return to us.

All our actions do have a return that is equivalent to the ‘quantum & vibration’ of energy we utilized in the action. The return and equivalence are based on the principle that holds us responsible for the energy we use in our actions. Because of the operation of this principle, all the choices we make and actions we do return to us like the swing of a pendulum.  The Law of Action assigns results according to the quantum and vibration of energy we use. It is simply an immutable law that gives appropriate results to every action irrespective of who did what. In other words, under the Law of Action, there is a return for every ‘action’ deeded by us each moment.

As long as there is a debit or credit account, a balancing act needs to happen in due course because of the operation of this Law. Throughout our lives, we are either settling old accounts or creating new ones. When a settlement happens, the particular recording/ memory within the doer, that has attracted this energy, gets erased or released or balanced and one may say, the ‘karma is dissolved or balanced’. If the account cannot be settled in one incarnation, it is carried forward to the next incarnation. Though in most cases we may not be consciously aware of the give-and-take accounts that happened in a previous life, by analyzing the experiences we are going through and the lessons we are learning, we can figure out the type of karma we had created.

The Law of Action also ensures that all our subsequent actions correspond to what we have already earned or become. Therefore, a negative person attracts more negative thoughts from other sources which intensify his feelings/emotions leading to mistakes or errors in judgment. This happens because, under the influence of strong negative feelings/emotions, the dark deed is perceived by the individual as being good and he tends to justify his actions. The soul subconsciously allows it to happen so as to suffer the consequences which will provide opportunities for learning a certain lesson and experiencing resultant transformation. The recording of the changes in the quantum and vibration of energy within our soul is the compelling force that guides our thoughts and actions.

Because of the operation of the Law of Action, a person or society, by creating misery for others, invites misery into their own life. Similarly, any country that inflicts pain and suffering upon another country cannot escape the just consequence of its actions, when the time is ripe, when its cup of iniquity has become full.  When darkness prevails over the majority of people on the planet or in a country or community, there will be mass sufferings, either through war or natural calamities or pandemic diseases. When an individual contract a disease or gets into painful situations, it is because of individual karma. Whereas a pandemic disease like Covid-19 or world war is consequent to the karma on a planetary level. Negative thinking and aggressive and abusive behavior towards each other and nature create disturbances in the energy vibrations of individuals and the planet and leads to events like diseases, wars, earthquakes, tsunamis, cyclones, floods, climate change, etc. 

How to consciously align our life with this Law

We create our lives and we can only create those things that are in alignment with our inner state. Today’s circumstances are the result of yesterday’s choices and actions and tomorrow’s circumstances will be the result of today’s choices and actions. Further, today’s choice determines what type of choices will be available to us tomorrow. It may be true that we may not be able to pinpoint the ‘ultimate’ cause of most of the events in our life as every event is an effect of a previous cause, and that previous cause is also an effect of a cause still more remote.  At the back of every action, we find some actions that lead us to the one that we may be considering now, but we cannot easily recognize what triggered those initial actions. However, a conscious person can see a pattern emerging from these events which correspond to certain behaviors or beliefs or thoughts.

Our environment (sorroundings and circumstances), especially people, acts as a mirror where we can see our reflection/image. They show us the mirror and help us to transform as we recognize many of our imbalances when we see them in others with whom we have close/regular interactions. This is all the more so with family members and other close relationships, who put the magnifying glass over our shortfalls or imbalances and allow us to balance them. Like everything else, we attract such people and circumstances to help us correct our imbalances.  Our incarnation and life are preplanned and re-planned in such a way that we come across those people and circumstances with whom there are karmic accounts to be settled. This is the way our soul plans its evolution in each incarnation. These catalysts will continue in our life until we fully evolve/transform.

We can see a repeating pattern of these reflections or projections at multiple situations in our life. And it appears that we are forced to endure those situations as if we are stuck there. In most cases, whatever is the behavior/nature of these individuals/circumstances that bugs us or causes negative feelings/emotions in us, is an area which we are still struggling to balance or master. When we analyze or meditate on these catalysts then we can see that each of them is trying to teach us some virtue like patience, self-control, forgiveness, love, etc., which is the opposite of our struggles/imbalances.

Our feelings/emotions tell us whether we are in alignment with our true nature and purpose of life or not at any point in time. Positive feelings say we are in alignment and negative feelings say we are not in alignment. Negative feelings tell us to change whereas positive feelings tell us, it is where we need to be. These feelings/emotions guide us to be in alignment with our true nature and purpose. Further, our feelings/emotions determine our reality because we attract what we love, fear, hate, etc. If we are judgmental then we encounter judgmental people all around us. If we are nonjudgmental then we encounter nonjudgmental people in our day to day interactions. If we hate people/circumstances, then we come across lots of hateful people/circumstances and when we start loving others, we suddenly find a change in those people/circumstances towards us or we see those people/circumstances being replaced with loving ones. This means that when we get transformed or balanced, then we do not need certain lessons anymore and they just go away, and we avoid attracting such imbalanced people or circumstances in our life again.

In other words, our feelings/emotions determine our reality because we attract what we love, fear, hate, etc. If we are judgmental then we encounter judgmental people all around us. If we are nonjudgmental then we encounter nonjudgmental people in our day to day interactions. If we hate people/circumstances, then we come across lots of hateful people/circumstances and when we start loving others, we suddenly find a change in those people/circumstances towards us or we see those people/circumstances being replaced with loving ones. Our environment is just acting like a mirror and it cannot reflect a mango if an apple is held before it. As our inner state changes, our environment responds to it automatically. This means that when we get transformed or balanced, then we do not need certain experiences/lessons anymore and they just go away, and we avoid attracting such imbalanced people or circumstances in our life again. If we express love in all our acts, then over a period of time, we are cleansed of all negative feelings/emotional energy and are left with only positive vibrations within. And our environment, including the physical body, faithfully reflects or projects our inner state –the state of our soul.

We need to be watchful and mindful of those triggers or catalysts that cause negative feelings/emotions like fear, anger, lust, greed, impatience, restlessness, jealousy, hatred, etc. It is therefore important that we introspect or review our life regularly, at least once a day, to see where we need change or improvements. We should examine our lives to figure out what our external environment is trying to teach us by those circumstances and behaviors of other-selves and by the feelings they are creating in us. Furthermore, we should figure out why we did what we did and what were the mistakes we committed, and what would have been the ideal choice of action. Then we need to accept the day’s experience as it is and forgive other-selves and our self for the mistakes, if any and thank every participant for his attempt to teach us. We should also bless all those people whom we perceive have wronged us or have caused inconvenience or pain to us and should love them unconditionally. With this, we will be able to balance or transform our soul from any blockages or imbalances.

To further simplify this process, we can divide it into four steps.

  1. become conscious of the imbalances,
  2. accept them, 
  3. forgive ourselves and others for these imbalances, and
  4. develop/ manifest the opposite of those imbalances/feelings/emotions and express unconditional love.

Self-analysis (introspection), meditation, intuition, and dreams are important tools we can use for clearing and balancing the energies of our soul and evolve. The key requirement for using these tools is a calm and focused mind.  A calm state can be achieved by removing distractions in our life and focus can be achieved by training/discipline.


The Law of Action or Karma ensures that the aggregate of our past lives (of previous incarnations and the present life until now) determines our destiny. We can ignore the Law and suffer its consequences or consciously cooperate and enjoy peace and happiness. Until we are awake and attain a certain balance, we experience a roller coaster life because of the operation of this Law.  It is an immutable Law and we cannot wish away the consequences of our actions. Nobody can escape this law – we are paid in the same coin that we give. This law helps us to be reminded that our environment and our situations today are the net result of what we thought and did in the past.

Everyone will receive according to what they give in thought, word, or action. And the receiving is faster now because our planet has moved into higher vibrations of its next phase of existence, that is fourth density. Though many do not understand the underlying mechanism of this principle, everyone, by experience has learned the relationship between cause and effect and hence avoids doing certain things that could give them unpleasant results, just like the child who attempted to touch the flame and burnt its fingers tries to keep a safe distance from it next time. This law does not put us in a hopeless situation, but it teaches us what is good and what is harmful.  If we take time to reflect on our lives and take corrective actions, try to meditate, and think positively regularly, we can easily keep all our rays/chakras in a good condition and experience abundant health and happiness.

Fear of COVID-19 killing more people than the disease

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Corona Virus Disease (COVID-19) has caused mass hysteria or coronaphobia across society in general and some in particular. High infectivity rate, social isolation, and boycott of the patient and their family members, lockdowns, forced quarantine and use of excessive force by law enforcing agencies, misinformation and fearmongering by some section of media, particularly social media, are the major causes for this coronaphobia. The notion that older and people with serious comorbidities have difficulty in surviving the disease made that section more fearful than the rest of the society. The moment a lab test declares a person corona positive (sometimes wrongly also) some people react to that truth very negatively with a lot of fear and think that they are going to die.

Whereas, the truth is that, compared to many other diseases, morbidity is less in covid-19 but there is a mass hysteria around it. It is, therefore, not surprising that more people died from fear of Covid-19 than the disease itself

Let me now explain the mechanism of fear and its impact on our body.

Health and Immunity

Health is the natural state of the body and diseases are caused when the natural functions of the body are interfered/disturbed/distorted by any harmful substances, organisms, activity, or thought. A living body has the power and means to protect itself from any diseases or to heal itself, in case of an already diseased condition. Healing is natural to us and happens automatically through our immune system. Our natural immunity is dependent on several factors, such as the physiological condition, state of mind, quality of air, water, and food, personal habits, medicines, environment, etc. If we allow the body to regain its natural state — by slightly modifying the thoughts, habits, lifestyle, and also providing the right environment, the body can heal itself from any disease. In most cases, treatment is about providing a conducive environment and support like the right food, rest, hope, peace, positivity, etc. to help the body in its self-healing process. A living body will always attempt to come out of the diseased condition using every resource at its disposal.

During this pandemic we have seen that the infection and mortality rates were disproportionately high in many ‘developed countries’, despite having advanced health care and medical infrastructure, which is a clear indication that the more chemicals (modern medicines) we ingest and the more mechanical our lives become, the less our natural immunity will be. It is high time that humanity returns from the artificial habits acquired from the wrong culture/teaching/learning/ over the past few generations to the natural methods of living — a return to Nature.

Mind and body

The soul, specifically the mind, controls, and influences every aspect of the physical body, and, therefore, a healthy mind is essential for a healthy body. Our life experiences are the results of continuous interactions of the soul, physical body, and the physical and metaphysical environment. Every thought makes changes in the energies of certain rays (various levels of the energy within a soul) and in the connected areas of the mind, which in turn affects the environment, starting with the physical body. The endocrine system under the control of the nervous system helps in coordinating or guiding the activities of our body. It accomplishes this by creating and releasing hormones through the glands which act as messengers as well as influencers within the body.

The body is incorporating or absorbing every mental and physical activity of the soul and body respectively by creating a corresponding organic chemical (hormone) in the body. Some hormones take care of the physiological requirements of the body whereas some take care of the emotional requirements of the body. Therefore, the body’s comfort is mostly dependent on hormones which are primarily dependent on the mind. Since hormones alter the physical state of the body, they can also influence the mind and accentuate its bias because of the reciprocal relationship between the body and the mind. Once a certain number of hormones are created in the body, they take control of the individual and compel the individual to behave in such and such way as per the nature of the hormones. Since some of the hormones are only for emergency/survival purposes, their continuous presence or higher levels in the body is injurious to physical and mental health.

How fear kills

Scientific research has proven that negative emotions such as fear is the primary cause for many of the so-called lifestyle diseases and a calm and happy mind could prevent as well as heal the body from such diseases. Some of the identified issues caused by chronic fear are:

– Immune system dysfunction

– Endocrine system dysfunction

– Nervous system dysfunction

– Sleep/wake cycle disruption

– Eating disorders

– Emotional and spiritual imbalance

There is a direct reciprocal relationship between the body and the mind. A healthy mind impacts the body positively whereas an unhealthy mind impacts negatively and vice versa.


Since the mind controls the body, we should consider its role while supporting or trying to treat the body. A mechanical approach, specifically figuring out the chemistry without considering the power that manages all the processes within the body, is fatally wrong and has caused so much avoidable suffering already. We need to keep this in mind while taking help from any kind of medical support.

Modern medicine, which considers only the parameters of the physical body, for the evaluation and treatment of various illnesses, cannot effectively manage our health and wellbeing, whereas holistic systems like the Ayurveda can surely help.

We can reduce many avoidable deaths if a holistic approach is taken by the governments and health care industry while handling a pandemic like this.


From a positive side, we can see that fear of Covid-19 in non-infected people is saving more from death than fear of infected people who succumb to the disease. Covid-19 has reduced overall deaths in many places as there are fewer people dying in hospitals due to other diseases and their treatments.

7 Signs of an Awakened or Spiritually Evolved Person

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Our objective of life is to become free and live an abundant and blissful life.

Expansion of awareness comes naturally in an ascending manner as we remain faithful to everything we have and do, and sincerely seek the truth in everything.

As the soul evolves and the awareness expands, there will be definite and noticeable changes/experiences in the individual as the overall vibration of the soul becomes higher and balanced.

Listing below seven important signs/experiences of a spiritually evolved or awakened person:

1) Blissfulness
Ability to experience love, oneness, freedom, gratitude, peace, and happiness continuously without any external stimulus.

2) Mindfulness
Have an increased awareness – even continuity of sleep and waking states (where dreams supplement the conscious life).

3) Abundant life
Experiencing an abundant life – having a meaning and purpose to life. We attract people and opportunities that align with our vibration and enjoy an abundant life.

4) A powerful mind
Mind has become more powerful. It is more intelligent, intuitive, sensitive, discerning and positive.

5) Balanced personality
Have more self-control, confidence, contentment and detachment. Not easily affected by the circumstances.

6) Increased health and wellbeing
There will be an overall increase in general health and wellbeing. One can see the physical body getting healthier and the aging process becoming slower.

7) A sense of immortality
No more worried about tomorrow, and more importantly there is a loss of fear of death.

At the initial stages of awakening, one may feel a little confused and out of place. However, when we are steadfast in our spiritual journey, we slowly gain clarity and become comfortable in all areas of our life.

Who are we? What is our true nature?

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This is a question asked by everyone who is able to think.

The answer to this question is available to every seeker as we find something only when we seek. Of course, the results commensurate with the attitude and efforts of the seeker. Following is the answer I got while seeking an answer to this fundamental question of life for more than a decade.

The simple answer is that we are a soul. However, this will not satisfy us as we need to know what this soul is. So, the answer will be complete only when we discover about the soul.

A soul is the smallest individualized portion of God (the power and presence that is the cause and origin of everything) and a co-creator with It. It is an individualized complex of consciousness or a quantum field of consciousness, a ‘soul’ with the idea of separate existence. 

A pictorial representation of a soul, depicting its constitution, is given below:

Soul is basically a web of energy fields or complexes – having three fundamental hierarchical complexes namely the light body, mind, and spirit, as detailed below:

  1. Light body is the metaphysical body of the soul, consisting of seven layers called rays, each corresponding to one of the seven densities or vibrations or frequencies of creation. These rays are light which is in constant vibration and trying to keep its optimum balance while incorporating the impressions or messages it is continuously receiving from/through the mind. Its vibration mirrors or reflects the activity of the mind and each ray has its manner of perception and represents specific feelings according to the nature and state of the mind it has been linked to. These rays seat the principle/energy of five sense organs (vision, hearing, smell, touch, and taste), five organs of actions (mouth, feet, hands, the organ of excretion, and organ of procreation), five objects of senses (taste, touch, sight, sound, and smell), mind and spirit.

While incarnated in a chemical/physical body, each ray is associated with one of the seven nerve centers (nerve plexus) that are linked to certain endocrine gland(s) which manages certain organs/parts and/or functions of the physical body. Each ray interacts with the physical body through the nervous system. All our physical experiences are caused by and experienced at the level of one of these rays (with the help of mind) which then gets transmitted to the physical body and vice versa.

2. Mind is that energy complex of the soul which connects the light body complex with the spirit complex and makes the soul work as a functional unit. It is the tool of communication and perception with which we can communicate, feel, think, remember, imagine, dream, seek, learn, understand, and also experience intuition and awareness. The mind has two levels called conscious and subconscious (this division appears only when the soul incarnates in a physical body), each with multiple sublevels connected to each ray of the light body and the spirit. The conscious mind handles current information and helps us to think rationally or logically and focus, whereas the subconscious mind handles past information (experience and knowledge accumulated over the entire period of the existence of the soul) and guides us based on that information. While in a physical body, all the voluntary activities are handled by the conscious mind, and the involuntary activities are handled by the subconscious mind. 

The mind is the center of every activity of our life and the mind waves can be directed, focused, or changed with each conscious or unconscious thought. While experiencing human life in a physical body, the majority of the activities of our mind happen subconsciously.

3. Spirit consists of the purest or least distorted portion of the intelligent energy of the Creator and is considered as the co-creator within the individual soul. It is also known as the inner light and it resides within the Indigo Ray. This energy complex acts as a channel between the individual soul and the Super soul (Creator) and keeps the individual soul focused on the ultimate purpose of life. When the body and mind complexes do specific tasks for the existence and experience of the soul as an individual being, the spirit is the experiencer who remains unaffected by its surroundings and simply expresses the nature of the creator. 

Soul’s evolution in one major cycle is broadly classified into seven densities or dimensions or stages or realms or lokas or worlds, each of which corresponds to a unique level of vibrational frequency and awareness. The seven stages of evolution are:

1) Simple awareness
2) Growing awareness
3) Self-awareness
4) Love
5) Wisdom
6) Balance
7) Unity or Oneness

We, as human beings, are the soul or photon – the fundamental particle – that after billions of years of evolution, has developed both in quantum and quality, and has reached the stage of a human being.  Every soul that has reached the level of third density has the capacity to discover its true nature and oneness with the Creator in an ascending order. This self-discovery is popularly known as ‘self-knowledge’ or ‘self-awakening’ or ‘self-realization’. When we understand our ‘self’ we can understand other ‘selves’ (everything else) too because All is One.

If you are interested to know more about this, please read the book Spiritual Theory of Everything.

All the Best.

Thomas Vazhakunnathu

What is the biggest misconception people have about life?

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In my humble opinion, the biggest misconception that people have is that they think they are a physical being – born as so and so, living their only physical life in so and so place, on the only livable planet called earth. Following is an extract from my book Spiritual Theory of Everything which explains the universal concept about our life:

We are not ‘physical beings’ but ‘souls’ or ‘metaphysical beings’, presently experiencing life as human beings with the help of a physical body.

We are living in a multiverse consisting of countless galaxies and individual beings or life units existing in multiple densities or dimensions. There is a hierarchical structure and function in the universe as well as within the individual and the higher always incorporates and guides the lower levels. Every life unit consciously functions in a particular physical vibratory level corresponding to its stage in development while in the incarnation, but subconsciously functions in and through the metaphysical levels which interpenetrate the physical universe, and, as it evolves, moves to the next vibratory level.

We, as human beings, consciously function in the material world of planet earth with the help of a physical or chemical body but subconsciously function in the metaphysical levels using our metaphysical body (soul). At death, our soul leaves the physical body and continues to function in the same universal field, but on a different vibratory level till the next physical incarnation in case of continuing human life or transitions to a higher dimension of existence, if the requisite development has been attained.

All the best for awakening to the truth of life.

Thomas Vazhakunnathu

Spiritual Scientist and Author of Spiritual Theory of Everything

Why Spirituality is important?

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Humanity is at a crossroads now. On one hand, various systems, including religion, kept humanity oblivious of the problems they are in, and, on the other hand, science and technology kept them engaged by creating more and more needs and then ways to fulfill them.  The majority of the people are led to believe that despite minor inconveniences everything is alright and with some more money things will be better in the future. However, the ongoing pandemic has changed that perception, and people are looking for answers to fundamental questions of life.

According to me, the root cause of every problem that we face in this world is Ignorance.  Ignorance is a condition where people do not know who they are and why they do what they do.  This is a serious disease that has affected a major portion of our people. Ignorance makes people think they are nothing but a body and pleasure and survival of the body is the ultimate objective of life. This disease with the help of religious superstition and science and technology has progressed to such a level that the survival of humanity on planet earth is at stake now. Ignorance and scientific knowledge are a perfect mix for disaster and we are suffering the consequences now.

Due to ignorance, the fear of pain and desire for pleasure (momentary relief from pain) is driving humans to madness which manifests as restlessness and causes all acts of selfishness. The results are all the evils that we see in our world – materialism, greed, addictions of every kind, hatred, diseases, abuse of power, theft, rape, murder, war, etc.  People are trying to satisfy their restlessness in one way or another which attempts instead of quenching the thirst increases it and creates more restlessness.  Surroundings (most importantly the advertisements) induce people to indulge more and more and keep them enslaved. Ignorance keeps people from knowing that their actions not only make their children’s life miserable but when they themselves come back (for their next term to master the human life) they have to eat the fruits of what they have sown in their previous life. 

Becoming self-aware and living from our true nature is the only sustainable solution personally and universally, locally, and globally. We call this ’Natural Living’. Natural living is Sustainable living.  An individual who has awakened to the true nature only can live in harmony with the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual aspects of the being. Everything that supports and nurture nature to bring peace and harmony to our planet is natural and everything that disturbs and destruct that purpose is unnatural. Few examples of natural living habits are love and care for nature and all living entities, practices like organic farming and naturopathy, sustainable architectures like vernacular, empowerment of people at the village level, innovative manufacturing, and transportation techniques that put less burden on the environment, reducing the need for polluting and energy-intensive processes and reducing exploitation of natural resources.  

The need of the hour is awakening, as the awakened ones could not only save humanity from imminent catastrophe but also guide humanity to abundant life on planet earth and hereafter. To awaken as many as possible, I have attempted to connect physical science and spiritual science and made a ‘Theory of Everything’, which has been published as a book called ‘Spiritual Theory of Everything’. The task at hand is huge and becomes increasingly difficult when the majority of our fellow travelers are not awake.   However, we cannot be mute spectators when our only ship is sinking. Those few who are awake have to not only take care of their individual lives but also have to take the additional responsibility of our neighbors (the whole earth is our neighborhood).

 As each person is at a certain stage of the evolutionary journey, we cannot expect all of them to behave responsibly.  It, therefore, becomes the responsibility of the self-aware individual to take the lead and join hands with other self-aware individuals to create awareness and educate the masses about natural living so that life can continue on this planet. Lesser forms of ideas may be attempted, but ultimately it will be discovered that natural living is the only sustainable solution that can ensure continuity of life on planet earth.  As we are one in Spirit, thoughts, and actions by any of us, in any manner, will affect all of us.

The ultimate reality of the universe is Spirit (God, Paramatma, The Universal Self). We are nothing but an individualization of the same Spirit presently experiencing life in a mind-body complex. We are all fellow travelers coming from the same place and progressing toward the same destination.  Our thoughts and beliefs create our reality – everything in the external world corresponds to our inner world (awareness). Spiritual laws (Universal laws) govern everything throughout the cosmos both visible and invisible world. It operates to restore the balance in all things, everywhere. These balancing activities need not be pleasant always. Every Cause has an Effect; every Effect has a Cause. Everything happens for a reason – there are no accidents. The choices and actions we make returns to us like the swing of a pendulum (whatsoever a man sows that shall he also reap).  Hence it is better that we align ourselves to these universal laws and be a blessing to others so that we will be blessed.

All of us are constantly learning and moving up on the scale of Life.  Learning happens on various levels; keeping this in mind we present here truth from all possible angles to assist all, without advocating a specific system. We neither promote nor reject any specific religion. Our research has revealed that barring the cultural and time differences there was actually no difference in the fundamental teachings of all the great masters.  Hence there is no valid reason or need for any religious divisions.  We are all ONE – manifestation of the same Spirit, now sharing a small planet called Earth, a minuscule particle in this endless universe. Our individual existence can be compared to that of a drop of water in the ocean. 

We will know the truth and the truth shall set us free. One of the major problems in knowing the truth is that it has become difficult to separate partial truths or untruths from the fundamental truths because of the distortion of truths. The solution is to know the tree (source) by its fruits. People who are entangled in their lower nature cannot understand the higher truths; it calls for certain maturity to make sense of higher truths. If the teacher is not able to conduct a life that befits spiritual maturity, then beware of such a teacher. Else it will be like one blind person showing the way to another blind person. All answers are within us, only we have to look for it, which we can do when we are self-aware. Only by discovering our true nature, we can realize lasting peace and happiness. We must become the change that we want to see.  Let us know every ascending truth and enjoy its freedom and work towards improving the life of all living entities on our planet especially our less privileged fellow humans who struggle with poverty and diseases.

This is a humble endeavor to make a positive change here on planet earth through transformation of individuals. I will strive to bring out new documents that will support individuals to foster natural (holistic/harmonious/spiritual) living.  Each document is based on research and will undergo periodic revisions consequent to continuing research. Some of the truths presented on this page may not make sense or acceptable to many at this point of time. Some of them may not be essential also, but are provided for the sake of completeness only. However, I advise the seeker to be patient; take only what is making sense now and try to embody them which will ultimately lead to higher truths.

Together we can make the world a better place


Keep visiting this blog – new documents will be posted regularly which will help you get a new perspective and see the bigger picture of life