Spiritual Theory of Everything

Spiritual Theory of Everything

Yes, an abundant and blissful life is possible!!!

Can we explain everything by science alone? This books takes a position wherein both science and spirituality need to be in synthesis and harmony, mutually supporting each other, in the quest for Truth. It will help you realize who you truly are and your place and purpose in the universe. This realization will challenge, inspire and expand your consciousness and help you consciously connect with the universal power and presence within and without.

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About the Book

Most people are continuously struggling to attain peace and happiness by doing so many things, believing that more money, possessions, sex, indulgence, or recognition can take them there. Alas, they fail and they realize that deeply, sooner or later. External pursuits, success, and attainments can bring in temporary pleasure which is essentially transient in nature and fades away soon, giving way to more craving, more unfulfillment, and more hunger.

A great master once said, ‘you shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free’. ‘Spiritual Theory of Everything’ is the crystallization of my decades of ongoing conscious journey to find answers to the fundamental questions of life from a spiritual and scientific perspective in a non-dualistic and holistic way.

If you have the quest for answers to the fundamental questions that every seeking, evolving person has, then this book is for you.

This book explains the nature and mechanism of life that include the fundamental truths about the Creator, the processes of creation and evolution, the spirit-mind-body connection, the constitution of our inner being, the present evolutionary stage of human beings in a Cosmic reference frame, and also how to live in harmony with Nature. It also contains topics like the fundamental particle, soul, mind, spirit, chakras, cosmic laws, densities or dimensions, spiritual development, reincarnation, karma, natural living, planetary changes etc.

It further explains how much conscious evolution you can achieve by understanding your true inner nature and aligning yourself with the nature and purpose of life. It also shows that we live in an orderly and purposeful Universe which is multidimensional and when we learn to live in harmony with it we can live an abundant life. We are the cause and the conditions of our life are only the effects. When we change inwardly, the external world (our circumstances) has to change so as to be in alignment with our inner vibrations.

In fact, life is no more a puzzle once we unravel its true nature and mechanism. By the time you reach the last chapter, your perspective about life will shift drastically and you will experience a newfound freedom, as if some burden has been lifted off your shoulders, as if some unknown darkness has been dispelled. It will leave you much more equipped to handle life without losing traction and experience a sense of wholesomeness and new found purpose.

This book is intended for all seekers of truth, whether scientific, spiritual or holistic and a must-read for all who want to help themselves and others to live a healthy, happy, peaceful and purposeful life, now and forever.

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