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Fear of COVID-19 killing more people than the disease

Corona Virus Disease (COVID-19) has caused mass hysteria or coronaphobia across society in general and some in particular. High infectivity rate, social isolation, and boycott of the patient and their family members, lockdowns, forced quarantine and use of excessive force by law enforcing agencies, misinformation and fearmongering by some section of media, particularly social media, are the major causes for this coronaphobia. The notion that older and people with serious comorbidities have difficulty in surviving the disease made that section more fearful than the rest of the society. The moment a lab test declares a person corona positive (sometimes wrongly also) some people react to that truth very negatively with a lot of fear and think that they are going to die.

Whereas, the truth is that, compared to many other diseases, morbidity is less in covid-19 but there is a mass hysteria around it. It is, therefore, not surprising that more people died from fear of Covid-19 than the disease itself

Let me now explain the mechanism of fear and its impact on our body.

Health and Immunity

Health is the natural state of the body and diseases are caused when the natural functions of the body are interfered/disturbed/distorted by any harmful substances, organisms, activity, or thought. A living body has the power and means to protect itself from any diseases or to heal itself, in case of an already diseased condition. Healing is natural to us and happens automatically through our immune system. Our natural immunity is dependent on several factors, such as the physiological condition, state of mind, quality of air, water, and food, personal habits, medicines, environment, etc. If we allow the body to regain its natural state — by slightly modifying the thoughts, habits, lifestyle, and also providing the right environment, the body can heal itself from any disease. In most cases, treatment is about providing a conducive environment and support like the right food, rest, hope, peace, positivity, etc. to help the body in its self-healing process. A living body will always attempt to come out of the diseased condition using every resource at its disposal.

During this pandemic we have seen that the infection and mortality rates were disproportionately high in many ‘developed countries’, despite having advanced health care and medical infrastructure, which is a clear indication that the more chemicals (modern medicines) we ingest and the more mechanical our lives become, the less our natural immunity will be. It is high time that humanity returns from the artificial habits acquired from the wrong culture/teaching/learning/ over the past few generations to the natural methods of living — a return to Nature. 

Mind and body

The soul, specifically the mind, controls, and influences every aspect of the physical body, and, therefore, a healthy mind is essential for a healthy body. Our life experiences are the results of continuous interactions of the soul, physical body, and the physical and metaphysical environment. Every thought makes changes in the energies of certain rays (various levels of the energy within a soul) and in the connected areas of the mind, which in turn affects the environment, starting with the physical body. The endocrine system under the control of the nervous system helps in coordinating or guiding the activities of our body. It accomplishes this by creating and releasing hormones through the glands which act as messengers as well as influencers within the body.

The body is incorporating or absorbing every mental and physical activity of the soul and body respectively by creating a corresponding organic chemical (hormone) in the body. Some hormones take care of the physiological requirements of the body whereas some take care of the emotional requirements of the body. Therefore, the body’s comfort is mostly dependent on hormones which are primarily dependent on the mind. Since hormones alter the physical state of the body, they can also influence the mind and accentuate its bias because of the reciprocal relationship between the body and the mind. Once a certain number of hormones are created in the body, they take control of the individual and compel the individual to behave in such and such way as per the nature of the hormones. Since some of the hormones are only for emergency/survival purposes, their continuous presence or higher levels in the body is injurious to physical and mental health. 

How fear kills

Scientific research has proven that negative emotions such as fear is the primary cause for many of the so-called lifestyle diseases and a calm and happy mind could prevent as well as heal the body from such diseases. Some of the identified issues caused by chronic fear are:

– Immune system dysfunction

– Endocrine system dysfunction

– Nervous system dysfunction

– Sleep/wake cycle disruption

– Eating disorders

– Emotional and spiritual imbalance

There is a direct reciprocal relationship between the body and the mind. A healthy mind impacts the body positively whereas an unhealthy mind impacts negatively and vice versa. 


Since the mind controls the body, we should consider its role while supporting or trying to treat the body. A mechanical approach, specifically figuring out the chemistry without considering the power that manages all the processes within the body, is fatally wrong and has caused so much avoidable suffering already. We need to keep this in mind while taking help from any kind of medical support.

Modern medicine, which considers only the parameters of the physical body, for the evaluation and treatment of various illnesses, cannot effectively manage our health and wellbeing, whereas holistic systems like the Ayurveda can surely help.

We can reduce many avoidable deaths if a holistic approach is taken by the governments and health care industry while handling a pandemic like this. 


From a positive side, we can see that fear of Covid-19 in non-infected people is saving more from death than fear of infected people who succumb to the disease. Covid-19 has reduced overall deaths in many places as there are fewer people dying in hospitals due to other diseases and their treatments.

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