Why Spirituality is important ?

Humanity is at a crossroads now. On one hand, various systems, including religion, kept humanity oblivious of the problems they are in, and, on the other hand, science and technology kept them engaged by creating more and more needs and then ways to fulfill them. The majority of the people are led to believe that despite minor inconveniences everything is alright and with some more money things will be better in the future. However, the ongoing pandemic has changed that perception, and people are looking for answers to fundamental questions of life.

According to me, the root cause of every problem that we face in this world is Ignorance. Ignorance is a condition where people do not know who they are and why they do what they do. This is a serious disease that has affected a major portion of our people. Ignorance makes people think they are nothing but a body and pleasure and survival of the body is the ultimate objective of life. This disease with the help of religious superstition and science and technology has progressed to such a level that the survival of humanity on planet earth is at stake now. Ignorance and scientific knowledge are a perfect mix for disaster and we are suffering the consequences now.

Due to ignorance, the fear of pain and desire for pleasure (momentary relief from pain) is driving humans to madness which manifests as restlessness and causes all acts of selfishness. The results are all the evils that we see in our world – materialism, greed, addictions of every kind, hatred, diseases, abuse of power, theft, rape, murder, war, etc. People are trying to satisfy their restlessness in one way or another which attempts instead of quenching the thirst increases it and creates more restlessness. Surroundings (most importantly the advertisements) induce people to indulge more and more and keep them enslaved. Ignorance keeps people from knowing that their actions not only make their children’s life miserable but when they themselves come back (for their next term to master the human life) they have to eat the fruits of what they have sown in their previous life.

Becoming self-aware and living from our true nature is the only sustainable solution personally and universally, locally, and globally. We call this ’Natural Living’. Natural living is Sustainable living. An individual who has awakened to the true nature only can live in harmony with the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual aspects of the being. Everything that supports and nurture nature to bring peace and harmony to our planet is natural and everything that disturbs and destruct that purpose is unnatural. Few examples of natural living habits are love and care for nature and all living entities, practices like organic farming and naturopathy, sustainable architectures like vernacular, empowerment of people at the village level, innovative manufacturing, and transportation techniques that put less burden on the environment, reducing the need for polluting and energy-intensive processes and reducing exploitation of natural resources.

The need of the hour is awakening, as the awakened ones could not only save humanity from imminent catastrophe but also guide humanity to abundant life on planet earth and hereafter. To awaken as many as possible, I have attempted to connect physical science and spiritual science and made a ‘Theory of Everything’, which has been published as a book called ‘Spiritual Theory of Everything’. The task at hand is huge and becomes increasingly difficult when the majority of our fellow travelers are not awake. However, we cannot be mute spectators when our only ship is sinking. Those few who are awake have to not only take care of their individual lives but also have to take the additional responsibility of our neighbors (the whole earth is our neighborhood).

As each person is at a certain stage of the evolutionary journey, we cannot expect all of them to behave responsibly. It, therefore, becomes the responsibility of the self-aware individual to take the lead and join hands with other self-aware individuals to create awareness and educate the masses about natural living so that life can continue on this planet. Lesser forms of ideas may be attempted, but ultimately it will be discovered that natural living is the only sustainable solution that can ensure continuity of life on planet earth. As we are one in Spirit, thoughts, and actions by any of us, in any manner, will affect all of us.

The ultimate reality of the universe is Spirit (God, Paramatma, The Universal Self). We are nothing but an individualization of the same Spirit presently experiencing life in a mind-body complex. We are all fellow travelers coming from the same place and progressing toward the same destination. Our thoughts and beliefs create our reality – everything in the external world corresponds to our inner world (awareness). Spiritual laws (Universal laws) govern everything throughout the cosmos both visible and invisible world. It operates to restore the balance in all things, everywhere. These balancing activities need not be pleasant always. Every Cause has an Effect; every Effect has a Cause. Everything happens for a reason – there are no accidents. The choices and actions we make returns to us like the swing of a pendulum (whatsoever a man sows that shall he also reap). Hence it is better that we align ourselves to these universal laws and be a blessing to others so that we will be blessed.

All of us are constantly learning and moving up on the scale of Life. Learning happens on various levels; keeping this in mind we present here truth from all possible angles to assist all, without advocating a specific system. We neither promote nor reject any specific religion. Our research has revealed that barring the cultural and time differences there was actually no difference in the fundamental teachings of all the great masters. Hence there is no valid reason or need for any religious divisions. We are all ONE – manifestation of the same Spirit, now sharing a small planet called Earth, a minuscule particle in this endless universe. Our individual existence can be compared to that of a drop of water in the ocean.

We will know the truth and the truth shall set us free. One of the major problems in knowing the truth is that it has become difficult to separate partial truths or untruths from the fundamental truths because of the distortion of truths. The solution is to know the tree (source) by its fruits. People who are entangled in their lower nature cannot understand the higher truths; it calls for certain maturity to make sense of higher truths. If the teacher is not able to conduct a life that befits spiritual maturity, then beware of such a teacher. Else it will be like one blind person showing the way to another blind person. All answers are within us, only we have to look for it, which we can do when we are self-aware. Only by discovering our true nature, we can realize lasting peace and happiness. We must become the change that we want to see. Let us know every ascending truth and enjoy its freedom and work towards improving the life of all living entities on our planet especially our less privileged fellow humans who struggle with poverty and diseases.

This is a humble endeavor to make a positive change here on planet earth through transformation of individuals. I will strive to bring out new documents that will support individuals to foster natural (holistic/harmonious/spiritual) living. Each document is based on research and will undergo periodic revisions consequent to continuing research. Some of the truths presented on this page may not make sense or acceptable to many at this point of time. Some of them may not be essential also, but are provided for the sake of completeness only. However, I advise the seeker to be patient; take only what is making sense now and try to embody them which will ultimately lead to higher truths.

Together we can make the world a better place

Thomas Vazhakunnathu
Spiritual Scientist and Author of Spiritual Theory of Everything

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