7. Signs of an Awakened or Spiritually          Evolved Person

Expansion of awareness comes naturally in an ascending manner as we remain faithful to everything we have and do, and sincerely seek the truth in everything.
As the soul evolves and the awareness expands, there will be definite and noticeable changes/experiences in the individual as the overall vibration of the soul becomes higher and balanced.
Listing below seven important signs/experiences of a spiritually evolved or awakened person:

Ability to experience love, oneness, freedom, gratitude, peace, and happiness continuously without any external stimulus.

Have an increased awareness – even continuity of sleep and waking states (where dreams supplement the conscious life).

Experiencing an abundant life – having a meaning and purpose to life. We attract people and opportunities that align with our vibration and enjoy an abundant life.

Mind has become more powerful. It is more intelligent, intuitive, sensitive, discerning and positive.

Have more self-control, confidence, contentment and detachment. Not easily affected by the circumstances.

There will be an overall increase in general health and wellbeing. One can see the physical body getting healthier and the aging process becoming slower.

No more worried about tomorrow, and more importantly there is a loss of fear of death.

All the best for awakening to the truth of life.

Thomas Vazhakunnathu
Spiritual Scientist and Author of Spiritual Theory of Everything

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